Chef Collins Is A World Traveled Chef and Seasoned Culinarian with a true passion for Health-Conscious 5-Star meals for Principals, Families, and Guests. Cannabis Chef Collins centers her business on a healthful approach to cooking and preparing meals according to the client's specifications and dietary needs. Chef Collins plans menus for Private Clients who require nutritious meals in the comfort of their own homes. About Your Private Chef:

Le Cordon Blue Culinary Trained

15+ Years in Hospitality

Cannabis Certified Chef

Food & Wine Paring

Works for Private Clients

Diet Specific Menu Planning

Cook A Variety of Cuisines

Farm To Table Cuisine on A 5-Day Bases

Handles All Aspects of Grocery Shopping

Manage Pantry Inventory

Computer & Tech Savvy

Reliable & Poised

Utmost Discretion

USA World Catering Travel

Flexible To Travel

We collaborate with busy executives, corporate families, and single professionals in personal meal planning, scheduling holiday parties, handling house governess duties, event catering, and assisting in charity events. Chef Collins is your professional, experienced, creative and detail oriented full-time private chef that enjoys preparing healthy meals according to your lifestyle! 


With the passing of the 2018 U.S. Farm Bill that made CBD legal for supplemental use, Pro-Athletes are getting relief for anxiety and chronic pains by ingesting Cannabis. Whole HEMP Seeds are considered to be a "Super-Food!" They are a nutritional power-house that taste good and provides a rich source of everything you need in your daily diet. Chef Collins infuses HEMP-Rich CBD Products with Dinner Meals that are both nutritious and  healthy.

HEMP-Rich CBD Is Not Marijuana!

Zilis - The Gold Standards

*Full Spectrum Hemp CBD Oil (Whole Plant)

*USDA Certified Organic Sourced

*500 MG Full Spectrum Oil

*Cannabidiol Rich

*Ultra-Cell Water Soluble

*Certified by the US Hemp Authority

*480 Active Compounds

*Alternative to Opioids and NSAIDs

*Reduce Inflammation

*0.03% THC


*Available in Raw, Lemon & Berry

"Cooking With CBD for Health & Wellness"

Imagine, that by simply adding HEMP-Rich CBD to your diet, you can lower your Cholesterol, reduce your risk of Dementia and Cancer, and even put you in a better mood, all without the side effects of drugs! HEMP has a nutty flavor and pairs well with foods and flavors. Like quinoa and soy, HEMP contains all the essential amino and fatty acids that are necessary for human life.